New and used Endoscopy Equipment For Sale

New and used Endoscopy Equipment For Sale

Endoscopes are available at various prices. There are various companies like Efrizal Endoscope which offers a deal on new as well as used endoscope. This Offers a benefit for clients who are looking for the used endoscope as the new ones are quite expensive and they are not affordable.

Few clients are in search of used endoscope as they are just the beginners and wants to get familiar with the instrument. Pentax EPK-700 processors endoscopy systems are available at Efrizal Endoscope for $2000. Endoscope at such prices offers high-resolution images and even allow the user to make appropriate changes in settings which include color change, brightness and much more. Thus, they provide better visualization.

Companies offering such compatible endoscope are in demand these days. Surprisingly company offers Olympus endoscopy system at very reasonable and appreciable prices. Olympus EVIS CV-140 and CLV-U40 video endoscopy systems are available as well. The best part is that the company keeps both used and new endoscopy systems, thus offering the wide range of choice to the client. These are available at only $4900, and hence along with that a video processor is also available at such a reasonable price.

The company is known for its products since 2001 and has set an excellent reputation in the market. Besides this, they provide additional facilities which include 24-month product warranty and provide free shipping for orders of more than $500. Not only this they offer 30 days exchange offer.

The company even has Stryker 1188 HD video endoscopes which are hard to find these days. And plus besides that, if an offer is there client may even get a video processor along with the endoscope. Here is a list of endoscope company offers at a reasonable price. One can avail the deal as per his own requirement. Here is a list of endoscopes presently company is selling-

-Olympus EUS Exera EU-M60 Endoscope- $5,499 only.

-Olympus LF 2 fiberscope endoscopy ENT scope- $1199 only.

-Olympus CV-240 video processor and CVL-U40 D light source- $2100 only.

-Karl Storz 26120 BA autoclave hysteroscopy-$1880 only.

-Karl Storz 3mm mini pediatric laparoscopy set- $4000 only.

-Olympus CV-100 video processor/Olympus clv-U20 xenon light source-$2500 only.

-Olympus Evis Exera GIF-Q 160 video- $3550 only.

-Olympus CF-140 L video colonoscope- $1890 only.

-Olympus GiF -Q160 video gastroscope-$3550 only.

-Olympus BF- p20 bronchoscope- $1290 only.

The company offers the widest range of products. The only thing one has to do is to choose from them.

Besides simple endoscope, the company even have the variety of video endoscope. These days, as video endoscopes are in trend, there are only a few businesses that offer traditional endoscopes which do not incorporate the video processor. Company offering endoscope should have following three qualities-

-First and foremost, they should offer the widest range of products so that the client can make a choice.

-Offers a warranty period.

-Provide a customer support: staff should cooperate so that client facing any difficulty can ask for help from them.

With so many companies in the market presently, Efrizal Endoscope offering facilities as mentioned earlier with affordable price. Now the choice is all yours! Don't Forget to Buy your endoscopes equipment at Efrizal Endoscope

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