Ways to choose the perfect Endoscope

Ways to choose the perfect Endoscope

The endoscope is an instrument which is used to penetrate and see the interior of an organ of the body. The endoscope is long, thin, flexible tube and it has a light and tiny video camera.

There are many types of endoscopes. Specialized instruments named after the organ they work on like cystoscopy (bladder), nephroscope (kidney), a bronchoscope (bronchus), arthroscopy (joints), colonoscopy (colon) and a laparoscopy(abdomen or pelvis). For non-medical use, similar instruments are called borescopes. Here are some details of endoscopes along with its prices. This will help you to narrow down your search for the desired Endoscope.


A cystoscope is a Small tube with a camera and light-weight on the top. Throughout a cystoscopy, this tube is inserted through the channel and into the bladder. Therefore, the doctor will visualize the inside of the bladder. The channel is the tube which carries water out of the bladder. The enlarged pictures from the camera area unit are displayed on the screen for the doctor to see. A cystoscopy will reveal many conditions like bladder tumors, stones, or cancer

Cystoscopy can even be used to treat underlying bladder conditions. The doctor will pass little surgical tools through the scope to get rid of small bladder tumors and stones or to obtain a sample of bladder tissue. Other uses of Cystoscope include taking a body waste sample to ascertain for tumor or infection, inserting a little tube to help with the body waste flow, injecting dye thus urinary organ issues may be known on associate degree X-ray.

The price of 0/30/70 degree cystoscope ranges between $150-500.


The High-Flow Nephroscope offers excellent skills.  Some of those are:

  •  High versatility- This nephroscope offers a great level of freedom which gives extra-long operating length, an oversized oval operating channel, and superb image quality. It can also be used as a compact cystoscope.
  • Unsurpassed image quality- Victimisation is the most recent hybrid lens technology, the nephroscope provides unexcelled, large pictures with great distinction and backbone.
  • High flow sheath style- The high-flow sheath design helps improve image quality and permits seventeen additional flow with 4mm instruments compared to the previous model.    

A nephroscope costs around 1500-3500$.


Your doctor can thread a medical instrument through your nose or mouth and down your throat to straight into your lungs. The medical instrument is created of a versatile fiber-optic material and includes a source of illumination and a camera on the tip. Most bronchoscopes area unit is compatible with color video, which helps your doctor document their findings.
These embrace your voice box, trachea, and also the smaller air pockets of your lungs.

A Bronchoscope costs around 1000-3000$.


Arthroscopy is the procedure orthopedical surgeons use to see, diagnose and treat issues within a joint. The doctor can attach the endoscope to a miniature tv camera in a position to visualize the inside of the joint through this terribly tiny incision instead of an oversized incision required for surgery.

The tv camera connected to the endoscope displays the image of the joint on a television screen, permitting the doctor to see throughout the knee. This tv camera lets the doctor see the gristle, ligaments and below the kneecap. The doctor will verify the number or variety of injury and so repair or correct the matter if it is necessary.

Arthroscope costs around 2500-4000$.


An endoscope may be small, versatile tube that ranges from forty-eight in. (125 cm) to seventy-two in. (183 cm) long. A little video camera is connected to the endoscope, so your doctor will take photos or video of the big viscus (colon). A take a look at referred region, the endoscopy shows the body part solely and also the lower part of the colon.

A Colonoscope costs from 800-3500$.


A laparoscope is a small, lighted tube which is placed at the abdominal organs camera or the feminine girdle organs camera.  Tissue samples are often taken for the diagnostic test through the tube (laparoscope).

The price range of Laparoscope is around 4000$.

These are the types on Endoscopes available in market. You can use anyone of those which fits your purpose.

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