PENTAX endoscopes

PENTAX endoscopes

These days, the possibility of an infection or the presence of blemished or cancerous cells is highly increasing. The best way to check infection is by endoscopic biopsy. Endoscopy is a medical procedure in which a doctor uses specialized instruments called endoscopes to view and operate on the internal organs of a body. It can be done for joints, lungs, colon, bladder, intestine, voice box, uterus and almost every possible area of the body.

As technology advances with time, there are better endoscopes available. The latest versions are much accurate, lighter and easier to use than the previous models. The most recent are the PENTAX endoscopes. Many specialists now prefer to shift to these endoscopes.

PENTAX endoscopes

There are about 11 variants of the Pentax endoscope, some of which are made for specific areas of the body while the others are for general usage. The equipment ranges from about $1600 to $9090.

The most commonly used product is the Pentax EE‑1580K. It costs around $3,150. It is specially designed to view the transnasal part and hence falls under the esophagoscope category. It is ultra-slim and has a 5.1mm insertion tube which is perfect for transnasal insertion.

Another widely used model is the Pentax 7153. It is used for general endoscopy. It has a 50W constant LED light source that provides an average of 50,000 hours of operational life. It has a compact, light weighted design which is provided with four different types of adaptors.

Another model which is lesser used, but is quite reliable is the Pentax EG 1690K. It is the newest product and hence isn’t used much yet. It features an ultra slim 5.4mm insertion tube. It also provides a 2.0mm working channel. It costs around $5500. It produces superior image quality due to the full-screen display.

Pentax Video Equipment

Pentax provides a full range of products costing from about $900 to $9900, so as to meet the needs of modern healthcare. These video processors offer HD imaging to fulfill a wide range of clinical needs.

One of the most preferred models is the Pentax EPK-1000. It is particularly designed for high-quality viewing without any compromises. It uses a powerful Xenon lamp for illumination. It makes use of an external recording interface which is easy to use and gives efficient image management. It automatically fine tunes and optimizes the color and illumination to provide maximum image clarity and resolution.

Another commonly used tool is the Pentax EPK-700. It is made for the practitioners that seek advanced endoscopic performance. It is the first integrated HD recording device that offers to collect and share the findings. These features are easily accessible through their user-friendly interface.

Other than these, there are many other products available which can be used according to the patient’s requirement and the doctor’s ease. The quality of all products is exceptional, and the number of options available is astonishing.

It is quite simple to find these products and to buy them. All the products are available at They also provide used endoscopes as per requirement. Their only aim is to provide good quality endoscopes and other endoscopy related equipment that are cost-effective.

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