The Advancement in Endoscopy technology

The Advancement in Endoscopy technology

People eat food today that is not very healthy like before, thus their gut, in the literal sense, gets weaker and weaker with years. The stomach, esophagus, the beginning of the small intestine, the upper part of the digestive system all can be scanned for flaws and resolved by the endoscopy tools.

As the times advance so does the technology. Every year you will find newer versions of the tools which are smarter, smaller, lighter and more accurate than before. The time is now of the Olympus. Doctors are now adopting the Olympus Endoscopy throughout the world.

Endoscopy Tools:

There are over 14 different Olympus tools for Endoscope ranginganging from $1199 to $7050. The most rated one is the Olympus EUS Exera EU-M60, which satisfies the potential of endoscopic ultrasonography. It unique is the ability to combine the observation, diagnosing and performing treatment, all with a single machine.

It comes with built-in trackball, for more efficient measuring. It has a better review function to store up to 160 images. For the onscreen image, the ultrasound can be performed on the picture, in the frequency of 5MHz to 20MHz. It costs $5499.

The second most rated tool of Olympus is the Olympus LF 2 Fiberscope Endoscopy ENT Scope. At the cost of $1199, this tool provides flexibility and maneuverability for a tracheal intubation fiberscope. It further provides fantastic image quality and visualization.

Olympus LF 2 Fiberscope has a combined insertion tube of flexibility and stiffness for easier navigation into the trachea and endotracheal tubes. Its features include 1.5mm channel for easier installation of fluids, compatibility with single-lumen endotracheal tubes and much more.

Endoscopy Video Tools:

Many endoscopy tools are ranging from $790 to $11990, spread over 20 different models. In this category, the best rated one is the Olympus EUS Exera EU-M60, it was the top-rated even in the category mentioned above. Apart from the features listed above, when it is combined with MAJ-935 probe driving unit and a DPR-compatible probe, leading-edge dual plane reconstruction scanning lets you display radial and linear images at the same time.

The second best tool for Video Endoscopes is the Olympus BF-Q180 EVIS EXERA II Video Bronchoscope. Costing at $6600, it gives clear, crisp, and high-quality images with redefining the standard of examination. It delivers advanced quality imaging without increasing the diameter of the flexible bronchoscope. The design is very versatile as it is fully compatible with the Olympus CV-180, CV-160, and Olympus CV-140 video processors.

The customer can pick both the categories as per the needs of features. The ingenuity in the quality of the built and life of the product is astounding. The review and acceptance of this brand’s listing are mind blowing.

The availability is also not very difficult either. All the products, with the link attached redirecting you to the company’s official product page document, are available at can even get brochures to download to know the in-depth details of the product. Their only target is to deliver excellent quality Endoscopy Equipment at affordable prices.

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