Efrizal Endoscope Warranty

With over 10 years of experience in Endoscopy Equipment supplies, we understand how critical quality of Endoscope to medical professionals for using the equipment to patients. And we understanding is our assurance to customer that we serviced or repaired in our facilities is guaranteed to leave our facility meeting the manufacturers specifications for that Endoscopy Equipment

Efrizal Endoscope offers a one (2) years limited warranty on all endoscope sales and repairs in accordance with service agreements pertaining to customer specific equipment.

Efrizal Endoscope warranties its Endoscopy Equipment to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, and with appropriate maintenance, for a period of ONE (2) YEARS from date of installation

When submitting an order, the following information is required: a letter stating the problem, serial number, and copy of invoice, the purchaser’s name, date of purchase, phone number and address so our staff can verify it.

24-month Warranty on  Parts & Labor Warranty for the following:

  1.     Flexible and Rigid Endoscopy 
  2.     Endoscopy Equipment 
  3.     Endoscope & Equipment 
  4.     Camera Head 
  5.     Surgical Equipment

If Any product which has been changed, disassembled, repaired, tampered with, altered, or modified by customer other than Efrizal Endoscope’s own personnel, unless such repair by others is made with the prior written consent of Efrizal Endoscope voids the warranty.

EXAMPLES of client changed, disassembled, repaired, tampered with, altered, or modified damage include:

  •  Cleaning brush or Puncturing the scopes internal tubing with biopsy forceps
  •  Customer Dropping and knocking equipment.
  •  Customer Flooding of scope or Endoscope equipment through failure to adhere to leak test procedures
  •  Instruments slammed in cabinet or closed, doorway, or similar structures.