Return Policy

1.1  Buyers are given a five (5) day money back warranty on Endoscopy Equipment, provided that the Endoscopy Equipment are returned in the same condition. Buyer will be charged a minimum 10% restocking fee for all returned Endoscopy Equipment.  Buyer is responsible for shipping costs related to returned Endoscopy Equipment.  

1.2  If Buyer claims the Endoscopy Equipment received are non-conforming or defective, Efrizal Endoscope shall have commercially reasonable time in which to repair or replace them with conforming goods, otherwise, restocking fee, shipping and other expenses incurred by Efrizal Endoscope, will be charged to the Buyer.

1.3  All returned Endoscopy Equipment, must be cleaned and then sterilized and/or disinfected In order to prevent the transmission of disease 

1.4  All returned Endoscopy Equipment must be in the same condition as they were purchased/delivered, never have been used, and in the original packaging.

1.5  Efrizal Endoscope may decline to repair or accept for exchange and does not guarantee the performance if any product that has been repaired, modified and/or altered by any person or entity other than Efrizal Endoscopeā„¢ or an authorized repair facility of Efrizal Endoscopeā„¢.